Human Resources Solutions in Krazy Mantra

Human Resources Solutions in Krazy Mnatra

Our human resources department is one of the core parts of our company or organization. Krazy Mantra provides assistance in developing a company HR strategy, which is efficient and coherent. This starts with identifying staff and recruiting, training and compensating them. Krazy Mantra manages staff profiles, appraisals and evaluations. Staff has their own personal journals, tracking their goals and training. The software analyses and evaluates performance results and benchmark, giving a true and real time update on staff progress, set against their own and company goals. This allows for the efficient planning of training and career management, leading to our staff feeling valued and committed.

With broad industry experience to support, we are offering end-to-end Human Resource Solutions to enterprises, ranging from small size business to global company. Aligning our competency in the domain with the client’s business requirement, challenges, strategic goals, Krazy Mantra offers solutions, enabling enterprise to optimize performance, cut down overhead.
Our competency comprises:
  • Ø  Talent Acquisition.
  • Ø  Training and Development.
  • Ø  Payroll Management.
  • Ø  Outsourcing.
  • Ø  Permanent Staffing.
  • Ø  Temporary Staffing.
  • Ø  Contractual Staffing.


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